A Trip to Sunnydale: Intro and S1E1-2

I spend a lot of time going through the yesteryear of television. It is mostly so I can learn from those who have either retired or long since passed on. Writing is important to me, but what is vital is the how and why. How does one create a good television show and why are … Continue reading A Trip to Sunnydale: Intro and S1E1-2


C.R Watches: “Ash vs Evil Dead” Season One

This show goes beyond the legacy of a film franchise. Imagine running away from responsibility for the better part of thirty years. Time crept up on you, sapping the fight from your bones day by day. You drown yourself in alcohol, women, and a minimum wage job. You try to forget. You keep running. But … Continue reading C.R Watches: “Ash vs Evil Dead” Season One

On Confidence

One-hundred thirty pages can teach you a lot about yourself. I sat on this story for five years, thinking that it was a dumpster fire of awful. There it was, buried on my hard drive as a silent reminder of who I used to be. I wrote that story during my time in therapy. I … Continue reading On Confidence


On Wonka

Five-ish years ago, I wrote a 45,000 word novel about a troll with a drinking problem and a no-nonsense necromancer. It was a terrible story set in an urban fantasy world that was a clear rip-off of┬áThe Dresden Files. Only a handful of people read it and they tell me that it was good. I … Continue reading On Wonka