On Confidence

One-hundred thirty pages can teach you a lot about yourself.

I sat on this story for five years, thinking that it was a dumpster fire of awful. There it was, buried on my hard drive as a silent reminder of who I used to be. I wrote that story during my time in therapy. I was going through a gauntlet of conflicting emotions, just trying to exorcise the “stuff” that was preventing me from who I wanted to be.

But then I found myself drawn to characters I haven’t thought of in years. An alcoholic troll that represented my rage and a necromancer that represented my intelligence. I morphed them into characters that slowly distanced themselves from my own being. They became alive in their own way. Both were broken individuals that learned to lean on each other. Loners for their own reasons. Their lives were slammed together and, in the course of three intense days, they were fused into something much more…strange.

I expected this sucker to be a bloodbath of errors, but…there really weren’t any. The story moves at a breakneck pace because I was still working on slowing down. The scenes change on the fly because I couldn’t keep up with my own thoughts. The cliches are painful.

But damn, it was a fun read.

Lethal Weapon meets Harry Potter. Warcraft meets Dirty HarryThe Dresden Files meets Dungeons and Dragons.

Past Wavi was someone that I used to be a little ashamed of. But that was just arrogance. I now look back at Past Wavi and smile. He was just a guy that didn’t know how to put it all together. He was a guy that needed some direction and kept looking in all the wrong places.

This story needs some polish, yes. There’s some heavy duty rewrites ahead. But I’m going to make this story work. It’s worth the read. It’s worth sharing.

It’s worth the time.


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