C.R Watches: “Ash vs Evil Dead” Season One

This show goes beyond the legacy of a film franchise.

Imagine running away from responsibility for the better part of thirty years. Time crept up on you, sapping the fight from your bones day by day. You drown yourself in alcohol, women, and a minimum wage job. You try to forget. You keep running.

But then one day you get super high and read from the Book of the Dead, kickstarting the whole problem all over again.

What “Ash vs Evil Dead” accomplishes is the ability to accept a new generation of fans. Unlike the remake of the original film, “Ash” keeps the concept of splatstick high and the one-liners on rapid fire. Ash is older but he still keeps the rhythm of being the world’s most inept hero.

But like I said, the show is beyond the legacy.

Bruce Campbell and Sam Rami are bringing the big guns to this shindig. Campbell does an amazing job of making Ash a three-dimensional character. People seem to forget that he did more things post-“Evil Dead” that not only broadened his career but made him a better actor in the process. Ash shows genuine emotional turmoil during the course of the show while attempting to be the biggest hero in the room.

Rami brings all of the tricks of the trade. Although the dutch angles and spooky lighting are still in effect, three decades of making films bring some  glorious choices in setting, editing, and pacing. Every choice is made with care and the show has very little fat when it comes to the plot. The twists and turns are genuinely surprising with the weight that they carry. Nothing is done for the sake of doing it.

This post is purposely vague for a reason. I want you to take this journey on your own. “Ash vs Evil Dead” may seem like a quick buck off of nostalgia and a cult following, but it’s not that. It is something that makes sense within the boundaries that the films set for us all those years ago. Although Ash is “the hero”, he will always be far from it. If you need something different, just take a gander. That’s all I ask.


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