I’ve been working on a wrestling novel for the past decade now and I can’t get past the first chapter. It’s not out of lack of passion or time. The problem I run into is that I can’t get the story straight.

Is it a biography or a full out fiction? Is it an action/adventure or an underdog tale? Do I start in the gym or in the ring? Where, where, where?

I’ve decided to take it slow and start from the beginning. Now, many of you are wondering why I chose wrestling as the “subject” but ignore that for now. What I am asking is to be kept honest. Pester me on social media (@Wavilines on Instagram and Twitter) about the progress. Ask me who the hero is and what you expect out of it. Always ask me if I wrote anything today. I need you guys to be the ghosts in my ears to make sure I finish this thing. When you’ve been sitting on something this long, it’s time to either put it to paper or stop thinking about it.


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