When Realities Collide

For three years, the New Generation Project Podcast has delved into the hows and whys of what most would consider the "Dark Age" of the WWE. It was the early 1990's and the boom of Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair had ended. The end came about when the … Continue reading When Realities Collide


In Action

It was a rainy morning when I walked down the plaza to my job. I passed the pizza joint and the Americanized Chinese restaurant, avoided the lady coming out of the nail salon and gave a polite smile. She laughed and apologized. I told her it was my fault because I had something in my … Continue reading In Action

Kill Your Darlings

As a writer, one of the hardest lessons I had to learn was that not everything should be written. Normally, this kind of talk is reserved for subjects that the audience gained over time would not enjoy the work. This is understandable when it comes to making enough money to not be writing stories on … Continue reading Kill Your Darlings


A Junkie Lazarus

I spent the last six months wondering in secret if I should be a writer or not. In an earlier post, I discussed how important Willy Wonka was when it came to planting the seed of harnessing my imagination. Over time, I began to look toward Rod Serling, Stephen King and H.P Lovecraft. Comedians like … Continue reading A Junkie Lazarus